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An Invitation


Before March of 2020, some of you might have been familiar with a phrase like this: "_________________ is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting." For the rest of us, this has taken some getting used to! All of a sudden it felt like we were in the future, talking on screens to friends and family and co-workers, at times feeling like our lives had suddenly turned into t...

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Share Jesus (OUT)


Share Jesus (OUT) In the previous two posts of this short series about the purpose of FBC Doylestown, we've explored how the church is called to love God and love others, which are everyday rhythms we call UP and IN. To conclude the series we'll look at the final part of our shared purpose, which is to share Jesus (OUT). As I touched on in previous posts, these are not th...

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Love Others (IN)


Love Others (IN) In part two of a three part series that is meant to dive further into what FBC believes our purpose to be, we'll spend some time on what it means to love others (IN) in the context of belonging to a church family. Yes, "others" can technically mean pretty much everyone, but we recognize that a relationship with people who are part of the same church famil...

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Love God (UP)


For the next few weeks, we'll be taking a closer look at our purpose as a church family, which is to lead all people to life and growth in Jesus Christ. Specifically, we seek to increasingly live this way as we love God (UP), love one another (IN), and share Jesus (OUT). Great! But what exactly does this mean, and what does it look like? As a church, we believethat these a...

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A Theology of Community


A Theology of Community If you were part of the worship gathering on 12/6/20, live or virtually, Pastor Rodney started off the gathering by introducing me, Adam Sheaffer, as the Life Group Developer, a new part-time position for FBC of Doylestown. I took about 10 minutes to walk through a theology of community that is seen all throughout God's story, literally from the be...

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FBC's New Life Group Developer


Hey there! If we haven't yet met eachother, my name is Adam and for you to better know who I am, maybe I should tell you some more about what I belong to. I belong to God's family because Jesus saved me from the chaotic life I was living more than 25 years ago. I belong to my earthfamily becauseJaclyn said yes to me over 20 years ago, and because she said yes I get to be a...

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