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FBC's New Life Group Developer

Hey there! If we haven't yet met each other, my name is Adam and for you to better know who I am, maybe I should tell you some more about what I belong to. I belong to God's family because Jesus saved me from the chaotic life I was living more than 25 years ago. I belong to my earth family because Jaclyn said yes to me over 20 years ago, and because she said yes I get to be a dad to two extraordinary children. We all get to be part of First Baptist Church because God says the best way to live our lives is in a church community, and we get to be part of Doylestown because God has given us the opportunity to show people what he's like in a town full of people we love. I'm also part of a school (that I'm proud to serve with), a YMCA (that I love being a part of), a tribe of Philadelphia sports fans (which exhausts me) and if I could be part of a food magazine and review restaurants, I would gladly say yes to that too.
Back to the church thing, I'm excited to be a part of a church family that believes that it's all about leading people to life and growth in Jesus Christ as we increasingly seek to love God, love others and share Jesus. I'm convinced that the best way to do this is to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus, and the way Jesus made disciples involved a lot more than coming to a worship service, giving everyone some information, and then saying, "Try your best to remember what I said, and I'll see you all next Sunday!" That sounds more like a quiz than a relationship. Attending worship gatherings should be a part of one's week, which as Jesus' disciples, should also include regular time spent with God, his church and his not-yet-redeemed world. Another way to say this would be that we are healthiest when we are living out our regular discipleship rhythms of UP, IN and OUT. Our experience with God is ultimately meant to be shared, with those who are part of God's family and those who aren't yet part of God's family.
As Life Group Developer, my role with this terrific church family is kind of complicated during a pandemic. First, I'm looking to get a better understanding of who is currently involved in anything "small", meaning some kind of regular connection with people outside of our normal Sunday gatherings. You've heard them called small groups, Bible studies, missional communities, home groups, men's and women's fellowship, etc...let's just keep it simple and call everything small "Life Groups". I honestly don't care what we call them as long as they're Biblically healthy. If you're not part of one, I want to help you fix that! Second, I will be connecting with everyone who is currently leading a Life Group and finding out what this has looked like for the past 9 months. Once I've got a better idea about all that, I'll be offering to come alongside existing (or new) Life Group leaders to equip them with resources, strategies and coaching if it would help them to be healthier at making disciples. 
In the meantime, I hope you all have a blessed holiday season and enjoy God's grace. I'll be in touch!