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You Want What?!?


You want what?!?

When I, Pastor Rodney, came with my family to serve here at FBC of Doylestown in late Summer 2014, I was committed to the vision to help partner with families to lead all children to life and growth in Jesus. At that time my title was Family Pastor and I had the privilege to serve alongside many who were like me recognizing that a partnership between the church family and the home was critical to life and growth in Jesus. 

We saw within Scripture the primary responsibility to disciple the little ones being with the home (Deuteronomy 6; Psalm 78; Ephesians 5) and how God had designed this partnership with the church family to help. This means our responsibility within the church isn't to just teach a lesson on a Sunday, but to also equip parents or grandparents to continue to teach and reinforce what God is showing them about Himself. 

In our culture families have grown to be apart. There is busyness and responsibilities that both parents and children say yes to that even having a meal around a table is difficult. While this has been different over the past twelve months in light of what we and our world have been going through together, there are subtle indications that families are slowly beginning to resume pre-pandemic busy lives. 

We are about to re-launch our Phase 1 Kids Ministry plan within FBC. Even before March 2020 when the pandemic hit we were about to encourage school-age children to be a part of our large Sunday worship gatherings. We had been utilizing the 5th Sundays of the month for Intergenerational Worship, but we were designing a plan to bring the kids into worship, at least for a portion of our time together every Sunday. This was not a new idea for FBC, as in our past we followed this type of format as well. 

Why bring this up now? As we re-launch our kidsmin for K-6th graders in March on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month during our 11am service, we will be having the school-age kids a part of the service in the beginning. We are doing this because we want to and not have to. That is a big difference. I am grateful for an elder team, as well as a staff, within FBC that sees this as an opportunity for us. An opportunity for our worship together to be beautifully diverse in age. An opportiunity for the younger to see the older worship our God. An opportunity for children to worship alongside their parents, as well as parents seeing their children worship. An opportunity to be together, and at times setting aside our preferences for the sake of another. This always takes the presence and power of the Spirit:)

To be clear, this doesn't mean all kids from birth to K would have to be a part of the service every Sunday. We anticipate re-launching both the Nursery and Pre-K areas of our Kids Ministry as we roll out more phases in the future. These ministries would still, when possible, be checking in your little one(s) before the service begins. 

I am excited that we intend to give a free copy of The New City Catechism Devotional to each family who particpates in our Kidsmin Re-launch in March, as well as for each child a For Kids booklet. Below are a few other helps as we continue on this journey together seeking to lead all people (man, woman, and child) to life and growth in Jesus. 

Click HERE for an aritcle by Jen Wilkin titled Big Church for Small Kids

Click HERE for a resource you could print for your child(ren) who are in "big" church.

Click HERE for our Sunday music Spotify Songbook to help the children be familiar.